What is the difference between Advocate and Lawyer?

Lawyer vs Advocate

Lawyers and advocates are the commonly used terms in the realms of the Judiciary and Legal fraternity and these terms advocate and lawyer are used as synonyms in India. However, the meaning of these terms is substantially different in legal terms. In this blog, you will understand the What is difference between advocate and lawyer?

 Lawyer vs Advocate

 A Lawyer is basically a general term which can be used for every person who is pursuing or studying law or has a bachelor’s degree in law i.e. LL.B. LL.B stands for Legum Baccalaureus, which is a Latin term and means Bachelor of Law. Therefore, a lawyer includes law professors, barristers, advocates, attorneys, solicitors and so on. However, they are eligible to give legal advice to any person but the lawyers do not have the locus standi i.e. the right to plead and stand in the court on behalf of any person.

On the other hand, Advocate is a qualified legal professional who has not only obtained a degree in law but has enrolled himself/herself as a practicing advocate under the Bar Council of India.

The term advocate meaning is provided under the Section 2(1)(a) of the Advocates Act, 1961 and they are governed through this act only.

“Advocate” means an Advocate entered in any roll under the provision The Advocate Act 1961.

An advocate is a lawyer who is enrolled with any of the state bar council and then has cleared the All India Bar Council Exam. After clearing the exam, the lawyer gets the certificate to practice as an advocate before the courts of law. They can represent any person in any legal proceeding whether civil or criminal before the any court of law. This is why, advocates are considered as more experienced and proficient in terms of legal aspects and practicality of laws as compared to lawyers.

Basically, a lawyer is a genus which includes every individual who has a degree in law and an advocate is specie which includes only those lawyers who are qualified to practice in the court of law as an advocate. Conclusively, we can say on advocate and lawyer difference that all the advocates are lawyers while not all lawyers are advocate.

We hope now you must know the meaning and key difference between the terms Lawyer and Advocate.

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