What are the Conditions Prescribed to claim Input Tax Credit under GST?

Input Tax Credit under GST

Section 16 of Central Goods & Service Tax Act, 2017 prescribes the following rules to claim Input Tax Credit:

  • Both Buyer & Supplier shall be registered under GST Law & supplies should be made to the registered persons.
  • The Buyer shall possess a tax invoice of purchase or debit note or any other prescribed documents issued by the registered dealer.
  • The Recipient or buyer of goods or services shall have received the goods or services.
  • The supplier shall have paid the taxes due on purchases to the government either in cash or by claiming ITC.
  • When goods or Services are received in parts or in installments, Input Tax Credit may be claimed on receipt of the last slot or installment.
  • The seller must have filed GST return i.e. GSTR 1. The detail filed by seller in GSTR1 will automatically reflect in GSTR 2A of buyer.

Note: If seller fails to file GSTR1 on time, buyer can claim only 5% of eligible ITC.


When Input Tax Credit cannot be claimed?

ITC cannot be claimed in the following cases:

    • Purchase of capital goods used for non-business purposes.
    • Purchase of capital goods used for manufacturing exempted goods
    • Purchase from Composition dealers
    • Blocked Credits as per Section17 (5)

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What is Input Tax Credit (ITC)?

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