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    Start-Up India

    Start-up India is a flagship initiative of the Government of India, intended to build a strong eco-system for nurturing innovation and Startups in the country that will drive sustainable economic growth and generate large scale employment opportunities. The Government through this initiative aims to empower Startups to grow through innovation and design. To meet the objectives, Government has announced the Start-up India Action Plan that addresses all aspects of the Startup ecosystem.

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    Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

    Briefly explain the concept of Start-Up India Scheme?

    Start-up India Scheme is an initiative by the government for the generation of employment & wealth creation to build a strong eco-system for nurturing innovation & Start-ups in the country.

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    Who is eligible for Registration under the Scheme?

    The start-up should be incorporated as a Private Limited Company or as a Partnership firm or a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and Turnover should not be more than Rs 25 Crore in any of the previous financial years.

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    How to register a Start-up under Start-up India Scheme?

    Incorporate the business as a separate legal entity like Private Limited Company or a Limited Liability Partnership or a Partnership firm and Register under the Start-up India as a Start-up business.

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    What are the benefits of Start-up India Scheme
    • PAN Card
    • Certificate of Incorporation or Registration
    • Mobile Number & Email I’d of the applicant.
    • Proof of concept or idea
    • Brief about the product or services 
    • Patent and trademark details

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    What documents are required for registration under the Scheme?
    • Tax Exemptions
    • Compliance Relief
    • IPR Protection
    • Networking Opportunities
    • Government Tenders

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