Soon Digilocker Will Be Auto Updated as per Aadhaar Details


The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and various government departments are planning to allow changes to other documents like PAN once a user revises address in Aadhaar, as per TOI report.

Digilocker is a digital document wallet, mainly used to store a variety of documents, including vehicle registration papers, PAN, insurance policies, university and school board   certificates.

Currently it allows those who have their licences in the DigiLocker to have their addresses changed with their consent once they have updated their Aadhaar information as specified by the UIDAI and the Ministry of Transport.

Next up is the PAN, for which the UIDAI is working with the Income Tax Department to resolve some technological challenges. In recent months, UIDAI has been working with banks and non-banking finance companies as well as other entities to assist their customers in getting quicker services.

Subscribers will no longer be required to visit several offices to update their addresses as a result of the change. “We have been working on this for several months as part of our efforts to use Aadhaar for ease of living. The government is looking at how Aadhaar can simplify the interface with government departments and public utilities,” according to an authority quoted by the TOI.


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