RBI Directs Banks to Produce Compliance’s Report to the Board within 3 Months


The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has advised banks to carry out a review and produce a comprehensive report on the status of compliance with the instructions to their Boards, within three months.  

In a recent circular, RBI stated, “we have come across instances where banks have not been strictly complying with our extant instructions on assessment of commercial viability, ascertainment of revenue streams for debt servicing obligations and monitoring of end use of funds in respect of their financing of infrastructure/ housing projects of government owned entities.” 

Further, “Banks/ FIs have also been found to have violated our instructions which inter alia require that in case of projects undertaken by government owned entities, term loans should be sanctioned only for corporate bodies; due diligence should be carried out on viability and bankability of the projects to ensure that revenue stream from the project is sufficient to take care of the debt servicing obligations; and that the repayment/ servicing of debt is not from budgetary resources,” it added. 

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