Post-Incorporation Company Compliances

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    Post-Incorporation Company Compliances

    Once the company is incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 then the Company is required to fulfil various prescribed Post-Incorporation Company Compliances in accordance with the Company Law.

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    List of Post-Incorporation Company Compliances:

    Post-Incorporation Company Compliances

    Applicable Form

    Time Limit

    Whether to be filed before ROC or Not?

    Declaration of commencement of business.

    (Applicable to companies incorporated after 2nd November 2018)

    20AWithin 180 days of the date of IncorporationYes
    First Auditor AppointmentADT-1*Within 30 days from Incorporation of Company


    *Not Mandatory in case of first Auditor

    Issue of Share CertificateSH-1Within 2 months from the date of Incorporation


    This is to be kept in the Company’s record

    Stamp Duty Documents file to SDM

    Within 30 days from the date of issue of Share CertificateN.A.
    First Board MeetingWithin 30 days from the date of its IncorporationN.A.
    First Annual General Meeting9 months closing date of the 1st financial yearN.A.
    Director Disclosure – Interest of Director in other companiesMBP-1In the 1st Board Meeting


    This is to be kept in the Company’s record

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    Role of Manthan Experts

    Guiding Company regarding Applicability of various Rules & Compliances

    Ensuring timely Compliance of Mandatory Forms to be Filed before ROC

    Ensuring timely Compliance of Mandatory Documents to be kept in Company’s Record

    Ensuring timely updation of various Statutory Registers to be maintained by the Company

    Ensuring holding of various meetings of Directors and Shareholders in time

    Handling Legal Notices levied by Department against Non-Compliance