Over 1.5 Crore Less Income Tax Returns Filed till 25th December

Income tax returns (ITRs) filed till 25th December, 2021, for financial year (FY) 2020-21 have been recorded over 4.43 crore as there is no indication of a further extension in the deadline which is 31st December, 2021.

Further, over 11.86 ITRs have been filed on Christmas itself. Out of total ITRs filed for FY 20-21, 2.41 crore ITR-1 and 1.09 crore ITR-4 have been filed till date.

However, the ITRs filed till date is over 1.5 crore less than that for the last year. The filing so far is 58 lakh less than 2.99 crore ITR-1 returns filed for the previous FY. Whereas, over 1.49 crore ITR-4 returns were filed last year.


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4.43 Crore ITRs Filed till 25th December

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