New e-filing portal: Here’s how it would benefit income-tax payers


On 20th May, 2021, the CBDT announced that it will launch a new income-tax e-filing portal by replacing the existing portal on 7th June 2021. Because of the activation of new portal, the previous e-filing portal was not functional from 1st June.

The Income Tax Department has rolled out the new e-filing portal 2.0 for all the Income Tax Return Filers with an aim to make ITR process smoother and faster. As the CBDT said, the objective of providing e-filing portal 2.0 is to provide convenience, modern and seamless experience to all the ITR filers.

The new portal is available at

This blog will discuss all the features of the new e-filing portal 2.0 in brief.


Features of new e-Filing Income-Tax Portal


One Dashboard

 It will display all the interactions, uploads and pending actions between the ITR filer/taxpayer and the I-T Authorities on a single dashboard. This dashboard can be used by them for follow-up actions.

Free of Cost Return Preparation Software

Income tax e-filing portal 2.0 provides a software for the preparation of Income Tax Return that too free of cost. Moreover, it provides interactive questions on the portal to help the ITR filers to prepare their ITRs through this software.

However, currently this facility is available only for ITR 1 and 4 (both online and offline) and ITR 2 (only offline) and it will be available for all ITR Filers shortly.

Pre-Filling of ITR

Next, the new portal enables the ITR filers to update their profile proactively in order to provide details of income from any source. Thereafter, these details will be used to pre-fill the ITR from next time. It will make the process of ITR filing more easy and smooth.

It will also enable the pre-filling of ITRs with the details of salary income, capital gains, and dividend and interest income when the TDS and SFT statements uploaded by the respective persons/institutions.

Quick ITR processing and Refunds

The portal will process all the Income Tax Returns immediately and thus will issue quick refunds to all the ITR filers.

Enables easy and speedy payment of taxes

The new portal presents an absolute new online tax payment system. It has multiple new payment options including Net Banking, Credit Card, UPI, and RTGS. The taxpayer can opt any of the option from any of his bank account.

New Call Center for Complaint Redressal

It also provides new call center for assisting ITR Filers. Unlike, old query redressal mechanism, this center will help all ITR filers with quick responses.

Moreover, detailed guide in the form of FAQs, Videos and user manuals have been provided for prompt query disposal. It also provides live chat box facility.

Mobile Application

The e-filing 2.0 also presents the new mobile app whereby all the new features will be accessible. It will help the ITR filers to learn and get familiar with new features through this mobile app.

Additional Functionalities

Apart from above-mentioned features, the new portal has many more functionalities as follows –

  • new income tax forms,
  • addition of tax professionals,
  • Submission of responses to notices including faceless scrutiny and
  • Appeals would also be available.



All these features are live now except for the new tax payment system and mobile app, which shall be activated from 18th June, 2021. Many ITR filers are already complaining that the portal is slow and is taking more time to function property while the other users are praising the advance features of portal.

Every ITR filer has an eye on the new portal and let’s see that whether the portal will be prove its object or will lead to complete failure.

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