MCA to Enter Complaints Against Companies in Electronic Register


The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has informed all stakeholders that Registrar of Companies (RoCs) and Regional Directors (RDs) at all locations have been directed to enter all cases of complaints against companies and LLPs, inspections, inquiries, investigations and prosecutions in the electronic registry MCA21 before issuing any letter, notice or order.

Once the details are entered in the electronic registry MCA21, then a Service Request Number (SRN) is generated for the particular complaint and going forward, the same will be used in all communications related to that case. Since all such communications will have the SRN, the stakeholders will be able know that the communication received by them is authentic, a senior official said.

Further, according to a public notice to the stakeholders, the ministry has said that RoCs and RDs have also been “directed to mention such SRN mandatorily in all such communications to companies, LLPs, their officers, auditors, etc., on all communications”. whereas, any such communication received without SRN should be treated as unauthorised which need not be responded to further, the ministry has advised stakeholders.

The step has been taken to prevent possible harassment of stakeholders by fraudulent elements, keeping in view to curb possible instances of unauthentic communications targeting             stakeholders.


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