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    Income Tax Return Filing in Delhi

    Income Tax Return Filing in Delhi (ITR)

    Every Indian citizen who is having Income above the prescribed taxable limits is mandatorily required to discharge the tax liabilities and file Income tax return on time. Section 139(1) of the IT Act, 1961, makes it mandatory for prescribed persons or organization to file ITR. Filing correct and timely Income Tax Return is the biggest contribution towards building a nation.

    Manthan Experts, a Delhi based Tax consulting firm is the right place for every tax paying citizen to file accurate and timely Income Tax Return Filing in Delhi (ITR). Not only this but Manthan Experts also guarantees to offer most economical Tax filing services with best guidance from the experienced trustworthy advisors.

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    How To File Income Tax Return?

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    Form ITR 1

    Resident Individuals having Income up to Rs 50 lakh from

    • Salary/Pension
    • One House Property
    • Other Sources (Excluding winning from lottery and income from Race Horses)
    Form ITR 2

    Any Individual or Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)

    • All Income of ITR 1, if it is more than Rs 50 Lakh or
    • All Income from
      • Salary/Pension
      • House Property (Income can be from more than one House Property)
      • Other Sources (Including income from lottery, bets on race horses & other legal gambling)
      • Capital Gains (both short term & long term)
      • Holding Foreign Assets/Foreign Income
      • Agriculture, only if exceeding Rs. 5000
      • Resident but not ordinary resident/Non-Resident
      • Investment in unlisted Equity Shares
      • Director of any Company
    Form ITR 3

    Any Individual or HUF having Income from PGBP

    • All Income of ITR 2 (except income earned as a partner of a partnership firm)
    • Person carrying on a Business or Profession (both Tax Audit/Non-Tax Audit)
    Form ITR 4

    Any Individual /HUF/ Partnership Firm having Income from PGBP

    • All Income of ITR 1
    • Business Income under Section 44AD
    • Income from Profession under Section 44ADA
    Form ITR 5

    ITR 5 is applicable for

    • Limited Liability Partnerships
    • Associations of Persons/Body of Individuals
    • Artificial Juridical Person
    • Estate of Deceased
    • Estate of Insolvent
    • Business Trust & Investment Fund
    Form ITR 6

    ITR 6 is applicable for

    • Companies that are not claiming Exemption under Section 11 of the Income Tax Act, 1961

    Form ITR 7

    ITR 7 is filed by 

    • Any person holding property under Trust/Society or for Charitable or Religious Purposes
    • Business Trust
    • Section 8 Company
    • Political Party

    Benefits of Filing ITR Through Manthan Experts

    Manthan experts don’t restrict itself to mere Tax Consultancy Firm in Delhi but it is India’s fastest growing taxation and business management firm which offers vide variety of benefits to the ITR filers. Here we are mentioning few :

    • Accurate Income Tax Payable or refundable : We provide best Income Tax Consultant in Delhi which helps in bringing down tax liability & helps in gaining immense tax benefits.
    • Online & Transparent Mechanism : In order to file online Income Tax Return, Client is not mandatorily required to visit the office of Manthan Experts, Infact we are offering absolute online mechanism for Income Tax Return Filing in Delhi, India (ITR) where required data & information can be easily shared through our website www.manthanexperts.com or Email : info@manthanexperts.com or WhatsApp at +91 9643 969 969. Not only this, Tax return filer can also take the advice of our experienced CA’s over Phone at +91 9643 969 969.
    • Skilled Expertise : Manthan Experts have a team of skilled professionals who assures Cost-effective, high productive & quality work for Tax filing Services in Delhi within a reasonable time. Since we believe in qualitative & error free work.
    • Data Confidentiality : Confidentiality of Data is all about protecting the client’s data against unintentional, unlawful or unauthorized access, disclosure or theft. We ensure the safety of client’s data to remain Confidential. Our team strongly believes in building the trust of the clients. We understand how important is to keep the security and confidentiality of the client’s data and information. We take important measures to ensure the same
    • Long Term Association : Manthan Experts believes in long term associations & wishes to endure as a trustworthy Advisor.
    • No Misdeeds : Manthan Experts do not practice the misdeeds of misleading our clients with any wrong advice or misrepresentation for ITR filing in Delhi, India.

    Documents Required For Filing ITR in Delhi, India

    For Existing Taxpayer

    1. Income Tax Login Id i.e. PAN & Password
    2. Form-16 – As received from the employer
    3. TDS Certificate for other Income
    4. Salary Slips – For data verification and correct calculation
    5. Bank Statement / Bank Passbook (if interest received from Saving Account or Fixed Deposits)
    6. Documentary Proofs to claim Deductions – For the verification of the information provided.
    7. Stock Trading (Capital Gain/Loss) Statement – As provided by the stock broker

    For New Taxpayer

    In case of new taxpayer following documents/details are also required in addition to above documents-

    1. PAN Card
    2. Aadhaar Card
    3. Mail Id & Mobile Number (Linked with Aadhaar & PAN)
    4. Bank Details

    Benefits Of Filing ITR in India

    1. Avoid Penalty

    The Income Tax Act mandates every person whose annual income exceeds the maximum exemption limit to file Income Tax Return in India, otherwise the person shall be liable to pay penalty. Therefore, a person must file ITR to avoid penalty.

    2. Claim Tax Refund

    Sometimes a person’s total annual income is less than maximum exempted limit but his TDS has already been deducted by the employer or more TDS than the tax liability has been deducted. In such case, the person is required to file ITR in Delhi, India to claim refund of TDS. Thus, ITR is required to be filed for claiming tax refund in various cases.

    Moreover, if a person is required to pay tax then also he can adjust the already paid tax in the overall tax liability. Thus, it will reduce the tax burden at once.

    3. Carry Forward of Losses

    If a person has earned loss in a financial year and has also filed ITR in Delhi, India of that year then the person can carry forward the losses to subsequent years. Thus, the losses can be set off against the income subsequent years.

    4. Easy reporting of High Investments

    If a person has made high investments in a financial year then the person can disclose the same in the ITR. Therefore, the IT department would have the absolute information of high investments.

    If the person does not file the ITR then the IT department may ask such person about the high investment.

    Therefore, if the person files ITR in Delhi, India and pays taxes timely then the high investment transaction can easily be reported through ITR and can also be substantiated as per the income.

    5. Allow Deductions

    If a person is eligible to avail deduction under Chapter VIA of the Income Tax Act, 1961 then must file ITR to avail the deductions.

    6. Income and Address Proof

    ITR serves as income and address proof of the taxpayer. Therefore, a person can submit ITR as income proof. For example, ITR is required for VISA application as an income and address proof.

    7. Easy Loan Availability

    Many major banks ask for ITRs as an income proof at the time of Loan Application. ITR will help you to get any personal or home loan easily by submitting ITR as Income proof.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is ITR Return?

    Income Tax Return is a form in which every prescribed person or organization discloses their total Income earned during the Financial Year. The liability of tax is computed on the basis of taxpayer’s total Income. Contact Manthan Experts, Your Trustworthy Advisor for Income Tax Return Filing in Delhi.

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    Who is required to file ITR?

    Every prescribed persons or organization whose income exceeds the specified limit is required to file ITR. Person includes Individual, HUF, Partnership Firm, LLP, Companies, AOPs, BOIs, Local Authorities or any other juridical person.

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    What are the benefits of filing Income Tax Return?
    • Nation Building
    • Easy availability of Loan
    • Avoid Penalties
    • Carry Forward losses
    • Avail Deductions

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    What Documents are required to file ITR?
    • Form 16
    • Latest Bank Statement
    • Form 26 AS
    • Bank Account Details
    • Deduction Certificate
    • Login User ID & Password

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    What is the due-date for filing ITR?



    Filing of ITR in Non- Audit cases (Individuals/HUF/Partnership Firm)

    31st July

    Furnishing Audit Report

    30th September

    Filing of ITR in Audit Cases

    31st October

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    What are the implications of not filing Income Tax Return?

    If any person who is mandatorily required to file ITR fails to file ITR on or before due date then he shall be liable to pay penalty.

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