India’s Textile Export Highest Ever in FY 21-22


Ministry of Textile has informed that Indian Textiles and Apparel exports has recorded the highest ever exports at US$ 44.4 billion in FY 2021-22, indicating a substantial increase of 41% over corresponding figures in FY 2020-21.

The export of cotton Textiles has been recorded at US$ 17.2 billion with 39% share registering a growth of 54% during 2021-22 over FY 2020-21. Export of Ready-Made Garments has been recorded at US$ 16 billion with 36% share showing a growth of 31% during 2021-22 over FY 2020-21.

Man-made textiles export recorded at US$ 6.3 billion with 14% share which shows a growth of    51% during 2021-22 over FY 2020-21. Export of Handicrafts has been recorded at US$ 2.1 billion with 5% share reporting a growth of 22% during 2021-22 over FY 2020-21.

USA was the top export destination accounting for 27% share, followed by EU (18%), Bangladesh (12%) and UAE (6%).

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