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    Income Tax Return Filing in Gurgaon, Haryana

    As per the Section 139(1) of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961, every citizen of India is mandatorily required to file income tax return every year if their income exceeds the prescribed taxable income in a financial year. However, filing an accurate and timely ITR is considered as the biggest contribution towards nation building.

    The CBDT has prescribed total 7 ITR forms for different persons depending upon the amount of income, nature of income, source of income and so on. This is why, it is generally tough for an ordinary person to file ITR by his/her own and thus it requires professional’s or expert’s assistance in filing accurate ITR. As wrong filing may put a person in trouble.

    Manthan Experts consists a team of Tax consultants, thus it the right place for every person looking for a professional’s team for filing ITR. It helps in filing ITR accurately and timely at very affordable prices.  If you are looking for ITR filing agents in Gurgaon or CA for ITR filing in Gurgaon then you are at the right platform.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is Income Tax Return (i.e. ITR)?

    Income Tax Return is a declaratory form whereby the ITR filer discloses his/her total income earned during a prescribed financial year. However, it the total income exceeds the basic exemption limit then the person is required to pay tax liability and the liability shall be computed on the basis of taxpayer’s total Income in the prescribed manner.

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    Who is required to file ITR in India?

    Ever person be it individual, organization, body corporate, partnership firm, AOPs, BOIs, Local authorities or any other juridical person is required to file ITR if its annual income exceeds the basic exemption limit in the previous financial year. ITR Filing Gurgaon also requires the same documents.

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    What are the benefits of filing Income Tax Return?

    There are several benefits of filing ITR in India like to Avoid Penalty, builds nation, to carry forward the losses and so on. Thus, income tax filing Gurgaon, Haryana is beneficial.

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    What Documents are required to file ITR?

    Various documents are required subject to the type of user. Existing users require Income Tax Login Details, Form 16 (if applicable), TDS Certificate (if applicable), salary slips and so on whereas first time users also require PAN, Aadhaar, Bank details and Contact details in addition to other documents.

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    What is the due-date for filing ITR?

    The due date for filing ITR for the persons on whom audit is not applicable is 31st July while the due-date in Audit cases is 31st October. The same are applicable on income tax filing Gurgaon or income tax filing Haryana.

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    What are the consequences of not filing Income Tax Return?

    As discussed, ITR filing is mandatory for certain persons. Therefore, if any such person fails to file ITR on or before due date then such person shall be liable to pay penalty prescribed for the same. The same are applicable on income tax filing Gurgaon or income tax filing Haryana.

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