Income Tax Portal Will Not Work For 12 Hours From 10 PM Tonight

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As per a ticker on the new income tax portal, “Alert: Website will not be accessible due to scheduled maintenance activity from Saturday 23rd Oct 10.00PM to Sunday 24th Oct 10.00AM IST.”

Due to this downtime, no one will be able to access the e-filing portal to file your ITR, register as legal heirs, register digital signature for verification of tax return, check information regarding or download Form 26AS etc. These sort of scheduled maintenance is common in banks; even the Reserve Bank of India announces downtime for services like RTGS, NEFT and so on from time to time.

However, since the launch of the new income tax portal in June 2021, the portal has been marred with glitches. A month after its launch in August 2021, the site was not accessible and the message that appeared once landing on the was that it was under maintenance.

The finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman had given time till September 15, 2021 to Infosys (the company that created new income tax portal) to fix all the glitches on the websites.


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