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    Income Tax Advisory

    Tax in simple words can be defined as the primary income source or mode of Revenue for the Government, which is levied upon the Individuals, or a Corporate Entity for serving various public works. Over a period of time India has developed well-structured Tax System. Constant changes in the tax and regulatory environment challenges taxpayer in many ways and more the business grows, the more complex tax requirements can become.

    Since, the tax system plays a significant role in doing business therefore, constant sincere advice on taxation related matter could help in attaining tax efficiency and smooth running of one’s business.

    At Manthan Experts, we deliver excellence Income Tax Advisory at every stage of business with efficient stratagems. Manthan Experts provides Income Tax advisory at Individual as well as Corporate level to Residents as well as Non-Resident Assessee. Our professionals are guided to deliver End-to-End Solution to all the worries of business organizations.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What are the different types of Notices issued under Income Tax Act?

    When the taxpayer files Income Tax Return then the Income Tax Department shall scrutinize all the taxpayer’s return. Thereafter, if it finds any discrepancy in such forms then the department shall issue either Intimations or Notices as per the Income Tax Act, 1961.

    • Intimation Letter – Section 143(1)
    • Inquiry Before Assessment – Section 142(1)

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    What are the Defaults & Penalties under Income Tax Act?

    If any taxpayers make any defaults in fulfilling the obligations prescribed under the Income Tax Act, 1961 then such taxpayer shall be liable to pay penalty.

    Penalties as per Income Tax Act,1961 –

    • Section 222(1)
    • Section 234E
    • Section 234F
    • Section 271H

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