Trade-mark is an Intellectual Property which basically is in the form of logo or brand name that distinguishes the products or services from the products or services of competitors. With the Trademark registration, the owner becomes the absolute owner and has exclusive right to use that brand or registered trademark and to exclude others from using the same.



Exclusive Right

The Trademark Registration gives various rights to the owner like Right to use, Right to prevent others from using the registered trademark, Economic Rights (the owner can permit others for using the trademark in consideration of money), Moral Rights and so on.

The owner has the absolute right to sue the unauthorized user of the registered trademark and to claim compensation for using the trademark without authorization.

Builds Goodwill and trust

Trademark Registration makes the goods and/or services well known by everyone and subsequently it builds the goodwill and trust amongst the customers in the market.

Differentiates the Trademark registered products and services from others

It helps the customers to find the products and services with the trademark. Thus, it differentiates the trademark registered products and services from the products and services of competitors in the market, hence it acts as commercial tool. Moreover, the Trademark manifests the vision, uniqueness, quality and characteristics of the trademark registered products and services.

Registered Trademarks can use its symbol of registration

After trademark registration, the trademark owner can use the symbol ®on the trademark registered goods and services.

It is an Intangible Asset

Registered Trademark is an intellectual property that cannot be seen or touched, thus it acts as an intangible asset for the trademark owner.

Conclusively, Trademark Registration will help the business to row and make its presence in the Global Market. Moreover, a trademark can be protected for the span of 10 years at very low cost.

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