How do I register a Company and Logo in India?

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As we know that, Every business is identified with its name and logo, Therefore, every business must register its business in order to to start a business in India. Importantly, This is why, Company is considered as the most acceptable and commonly used format of doing business in India. The company is registered as a “company” with the Registrar of companies. However, we need to register a logo of the business separately with the Trademark Registry.

In this blog, we will discuss Company Registration and after that how to register a logo in India.

There are various types of companies that can be registered in India and following are the most popular forms of companies in India –

Type of Company


  • Private Limited Company


  •       It requires minimum  2 Members & 2 Directors;
  •       Private Limited Company does not need minimum Paid-up Capital;
  •       This Company cannot list its shares on stock exchanges;


  • One Person Company

  •       It requires a minimum 1 Member & 1 Nominee;
  •      OPC does not need minimum Paid-up Capital;
  •       This Company cannot list its shares on stock exchanges;


  • Section 8 Company

  •    Section 8 Company requires minimum 2 Members & 2 Directors;
  •     This Company does not need minimum Paid-up Capital;
  •     The main objective is Section 8 Company is NPO or for charitable purpose;
  • Public Company

  •         This Company requires minimum 7 Members  & 3 Directors;
  •        Public Company does not need minimum Paid-up Capital;
  •          It cannot list its shares on stock exchanges;



Likewise, any business entity including companies can register its logo through Trademark Registration. Trademark Registration is a procedure to get an exclusive ownership on the logo or trade name and to restrict others from using it without the owner’s authority.

In conclusion, Trademark Registration basically distinguishes the product and/or services from other similar products and/or services given by other businesses.

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Is it mandatory to register a trademark?

Trademark Registration is not mandatory in India. Thus one can use the trademark without registration. However, the trademark owner cannot prohibit any other person from using the same mark for their. Therefore, if you want the absolute ownership over the trademark then you must always register the trademark.

Above that, Registering a logo trademark or Trademarking a logo is very prominent in order to have absolute ownership over the logo or over the registered trademark. The way we register a company’s name so that no person can use the similar or identical name for their business. Likewise no person can use a registered trademark. In case any person uses the registered trademark without the trademark owner’s consent, then the trademark owner has the legal right to sue against the unauthorized use of the trademark and to claim compensation also. Moreover, trademarking a logo will grant the various rights like moral rights, economic rights (owner can authorize any other person to use the trademark in consideration of money).

Transfer rights (owner can transfer the ownership rights either partially or completely or with or without goodwill to any person). Conclusively, trademark registration is prominent to restrict others from using your business mark or brand name.


How to register a trademark in India?

Above all, If you are searching for how to register a logo in India or how to register a brand name in India online then you can easily register your trademark by filing TM-A application before the Trademark Registry. Moreover, an individual person can also register the trademark by his own.

However, there are many technical points that are required to be kept in mind while filing application in order to file the correct application and to get the registration at once, This is why, it is always suggested to seek professionals’ assistance for Trademark Registration.

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We hope all of your doubts relating to how to register a brand name in India online, Company registration and how to register a logo in India.

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