GST E-way Bills Generation on Rise: Sign of Economic Recovery

GST E-way Bills Generation on Rise

Daily e way bill generation for goods transportation under the GST system is indicating continued momentum in economic recovery. It is recorded at 23.57 lakh for the week ended on 26th September, which is 4 per cent up than the daily average for the previous week.

While, the daily average for the first 26 days of September was 21.86 lakh, 3 per cent higher than the daily average of 21.26 lakh for August, showing a pick-up trend in economy.

Further, between September 1 and 26, as many as 5.69 crore e-way bills were generated. Keeping in view the recent weekly trends, the daily average is expected to rise further for September when data for the full month is captured.

After easing of lockdowns, e-way bill generation by businesses rose to 6.59 crore in August from 6.42 crore in July and 5.5 crore in June.

However, between 1st September to 5th September around 1.05 crore e way bills were generated.


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