Government Relaxes Norms for Pension to Disabled

Government Relaxes Norms for Pension to Disabled

Government has issued instructions to grant relaxation for family pension to disabled survivors as they require greater medical care and financial assistance. It has decided that the income criteria for eligibility for family pension to such children/siblings shall equivalent with the amount of the entitled family pension in their case.

In this regard, Government has issued instructions/orders stating that a child/sibling of a deceased Government servant/pensioner, who is suffering from a mental or physical disability, shall be eligible for family pension for life, if his/her overall income, other than family pension, is less than the entitled family pension at ordinary rate i.e. 30% of the last pay drawn by the deceased Government servant/pensioner plus the Dearness Relief admissible thereon.

In the case of a disable child/sibling, if he/she fulfils the new income criteria and also fulfilled the other conditions for grant of family pension at the time of death of above mentioned entity, the financial benefits shall, accrue prospectively and no arrears for the period from the date of death of Government servant/ pensioner/previous family pensioner shall be admissible.

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