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    Indirect Taxation system has emerged as Comprehensive tax on goods and services with the advent of GST Law. Good and Services Tax is the major Indirect Tax Reform in India.

    The new GST Law has brought different operational challenges in GST Compliances which is tough for a business to understand and meet such Compliances.

    Since there are several GST Registration requirements and GST Compliances under GST Law which Businesses have to comply but sometimes they fail to comply such requirements timely so they have to bear heavy penalties for non-compliances.

    Moreover, we can evident daily clarifications and amendments in GST Law thus, it requires daily monitoring of GST compliances. Thus, Indirect Tax Professionals’ team having wide experience and knowledge in GST Law can help the business to get updated with the Law and eventually to observe all the Legal Compliances.

    Manthan Experts has a team of skilled and proficient GST consultants who constantly work to provide absolute and diligent solution to Individuals, Businesses, and Body Corporates etc. with respect to Tax Compliances including Indirect Tax.

    Get our Expert’s Excellency Services for End-End Goods and Services Tax Queries.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What are the kinds of GST Notices?
    • Scrutiny Notice
    • Show cause Notice (SCN)
    • Demand Notice

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    What are the reasons for Issue of GST Notices?
    • Difference in Input Tax Credit claims made in GSTR 3B as compared to GSTR 2A
    • Inconsistent declaration in GSTR-1 and the E-way bill portal
    • Delay in filing GSTR 1 & GSTR 3B consecutively for over 6 months

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    How many types of Notices are issued under GST Law?

    Notice Form

    Notice Description

    Time limit for response

    Response or Action to be taken


    Default notice is issued to taxpayers who have not filed GST returns in GSTR-1, GSTR-3B, GSTR-4, or GSTR-8.

    Within 15 days of receipt of the notice

    File the particular GST returns along with late fees and interest on the GST liability, if any


    Show Cause Notice (SCN) is issued for questioning the eligibility of taxpayer to be a composition dealer.

    Within 15 days of receipt of the notice

    Justifying the reason in CMP-06 as to why the taxpayer is eligible for the composition scheme


    Notice is sent at the time of verification of GST registration application to clarify details entered in the application and the documents provided. Also, the same notice is applicable for amending the GST registration.

    Within 7 working days of receipt of the notice

    Reply letter in REG-04, clarifying the information provided.


    SCN as to why the GST registration should not be cancelled for the reasons mentioned in the notice.

    Within 7 working days of receipt of the notice

    Reply letter in REG-18 justifying the reasons for non-cancellation of GST registration


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    What are the Defaults & Penalties under GST Law?

    If any taxpayers make any defaults in fulfilling the obligations prescribed under the GST Law then such taxpayer shall be liable to pay penalty.

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    What are the offences committed under GST?
    • Supplies any goods or services without any invoice or issues a false invoice
    • Issues any invoice or bill without supply of goods or services in contravention of the provisions of GST
    • Invoices are issued by using the identification number of another registered taxable person
    • Wrong information is submitted while doing GST registration

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