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    Foreign Company Registration

    A Foreign Company means any Company that is Registered Outside India, and has a place of Business in India Either by itself or through an Agent. Further it should conduct any Business Activity in India.

    A Foreign Company can commence operations in India by Incorporating a Company known as Subsidiary Company or by Establishing a Branch or Liaison Office.

    A Subsidiary is a Company in which a Foreign Corporate Body holds at least 50% of the Share Capital of such Company.

    Foreign Branch Office can be Establish in India and is most suitable for temporary presence in India. It mainly carries the same business activities as of its parent company and considered as an extension of such Parent Company.

    Liaison Office is an office set up by Foreign Corporate Body in India. The main purpose of registering a Liaison Office, is to understand Indian Market before investing in India. It is quite easy and faster process to close such office at any time.

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    Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

    What is Foreign Company?

    Foreign company is a company or a body corporate which is Incorporated outside India & have its place of business in India and operates certain business activities in India. Click here for more details.

    How a Foreign Company can run business in India?

    Any company which is Incorporated outside India (i.e. Foreign Company) & is willing to do business in India, can run business in India through following modes –

    • As Indian Company
    • As Foreign Company

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    What are the documents required for Foreign Company Registration in India?
    • Address Proof of the Registered Office
    • PAN Card / Passport
    • Address Proof of the applicant
    • Identity proof
    • Joint Venture Contract (If applicable)
    • Shares holding details
    • Non-Compete from Board of Directors
    • MOA & AOA
    • Incorporation Certificate

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    What are the benefits of establishing Foreign Companies in India?
    • Boost Economy
    • Use of Abundant resources
    • Enhances the Employment Rate
    • Availment of various schemes & polices
    • Improvement of Export Rate
    • Development of Human Resource.

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    What is Liaison Office?

    Liaison Office is an office of the foreign company situated in India and it act as a channel of communication between the head office of the Foreign Company and the business in India. Click here to read more.

    What are the Routes available for establishing Liaison Office in India?

    FEMA, 1999 has prescribed two routes for establishing Liaison Office

    • Reserve Bank Route
    • Government Route

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    What are the permitted activities for Liaison Office in India?
    • Represents the Parent Company in India.
    • Encourage and promote Export from India
    • Encourage and promote Import to India
    • Act as Communication channel
    • Undertake Insurance Activities
    • Promote the Financial Collaborations.

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    What are the pre-requisites for establishing Liaison Office?
    • The Parent Company of Liaison office must have profitable operations for last 3 years.
    • The Parent Company shall have minimum net worth of US$ 50,000

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    What are the documents required for Liaison Registration in India?

    Documents for Parent Company –

    • Incorporation Certificate
    • MOA & AOA
    • All details of Directors
    • All details of the shareholders
    • Audited Financial Statements
    • Bank Report
    • Certificate of the net worth

    Documents from Authorized Signatory –

    • 5 Photographs (Passport Size)
    • 5 Copies of the Passport
    • Business Visa
    • 5 Copies of the National ID Card
    • Address Proof
    • Board Resolution
    • Power of Attorney

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    What is the process of Liaison Registration?
    • Obtain DSC
    • File Form FNC
    • KYC Verification
    • Approval of RBI
    • Obtain PAN & TAN
    • Register with ROC
    • Allotment of CIN

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    What are the Annual Compliances for Liaison Office in India?
    • Maintain of Books of Account.
    • Audit of Annual Accounts.
    • Filing of Annual Activity Certificate.
    • Filing of Audited Financial Statements.
    • File the Balance Sheet and Annual Return compliances with ROC.

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    What are the benefits of Liaison Office?
    • Helps the Parent company to understand & explore the Business Environment.
    • Conducts Market research for foreign products.
    • Suitable to Set-up temporary office
    • Potential vendors & customers
    • Financial Collaboration
    • Promotes Import / Export.
    • Not require to pay any Income Tax.

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