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The government of India as a part of Ease of Doing Business initiative introduced the simple and easy process of Companies incorporation under the Companies Act, 2013. Now, any type of company can be incorporated through the advanced and integrated web form SPICe +. The SPICe + form facilitate not only company incorporation but also 9 other services like DIN, GSTIN, and ESIC Registration etc. simultaneously in just this one form.

Since, it is a web form offering 10 services simultaneously therefore it requires all the details at once. Moreover, this form is scrutinized through artificial intelligence thus it can detect from a minute spelling error to forged documents. This is why, it is said that this form has to be fulfilled with utmost care. The applicant must also be aware of technical points on which a form can be resubmitted or rejected.

This blog will answer all the basic and most important questions related to Company Incorporation through SPICe+.

Is SPICe plus is one form?

The SPICe Plus is one form which is segregated into 2 parts i.e. SPICe+ Part A and SPICe+ Part B offering 10 different services.  Many people do not know that SPICe+ part B furthermore has 4 linked forms that are AGILE Pro, SPICe MoA, SPICe AoA and INC-9.

Here, SPICe+ Part B facilitates PAN, TAN, Incorporation and DIN while AGILE Pro facilitates bank account opening, ESIC Registration, EPFO Registration, Professional Tax Registration and GSTIN.


How many names can be proposed in SPICe Plus form for name approval?

SPICe plus Part A is a name reservation application. An applicant can propose two names for company reservation in the application form. The point to note here is, SPICe plus Part A and Part B can be submitted at once also but in this case, the applicant can propose only one name.

Thus, applicant will have two names proposal option only when the applicant is applying for name reservation only.


Is SPICe plus a web form?

Yes, SPICe+ company incorporation form is an integrated web form that is required to be filled on the MCA portal.


How many DINs can be applied in SPICe+ Part B form?

In case of any type of company except Producer Company, maximum 3 DIN can be applied in the SPICe+ form.

In case of Producer Company, maximum 5 DIN can be applied at once.


Can directors apply for DIN allotment using SPICe+?

Yes, Director Identification number can be allotted to the directors along with the company incorporation.

However, Earlier the directors had to apply separately for DIN allotment but with the advent of SPICe+ it can be applied with the company incorporation only.


Is RUN service applicable for company’s name reservation?

No, The RUN service is not applicable for company’s name reservation as the SPICe+ Part A is applicable for company’s name reservation service.

However, it is used only for change of company’s name of any existing company.


Whether SPICe+ forms are submitted online? If yes, then how DSCs are affixed thereon?

The SPICe + formsare submitted on the MCA portal. Its part A is filled and submitted on the portal only. However, the SPICe+ Part B and other linked are required to be filled and submitted on the portal and then these forms are downloaded to attach relevant DSCs thereon. Lastly, the SPICe+ Part B forms having dscs are uploaded on the portal under the workspace head.


Can applicant make changes in SPICe MoA and AoA?

Yes, the applicant can make changes in all the clauses of SPICe MoA and AoA as per the nature and object of the proposed company.


How many times an applicant can make modifications to SPICe+ after affixing DSCs?

The applicant can make changes and modifications in the SPICe+ forms even after generating forms in pdf form and affixing DSCs to them. But the applicant must know that this facility is not available for unlimited times.

Thus, these changes can be made only up-to 5 times after generating PDF and affixing DSCs. However, there is no limit for changing SPICe plus before generating pdf and attaching DSCs.


Is there any sequence of uploading linked forms to SPICe+?

Yes, the SPICe+ and its linked forms shall be uploaded in the following sequence-

1) SPICe+

2) SPICe MoA, if applicable

3) SPICe AoA, if applicable

4) URC-1, if applicable

5) AGILE Pro, always mandatory

6) INC-9, if applicable


How many times resubmissions are allowed for SPICe+ forms?

The SPICe+ forms are permitted to be resubmitted for maximum 2 times.


Whether refund applicable when the SPICe+ forms get rejected?

Yes, the applicant can claim the refund if the SPICe+ forms are rejected.


What shall be the maximum upload size for each SPICe+ forms?

Each of the SPICe+ forms shall not exceed 6 MB otherwise the form will not get uploaded.


What is the fee payable for PAN, TAN and Company Incorporation?

Following fee shall be payable–

  • PAN- Rs.66/-
  • TAN- Rs.65/-
  • Company Incorporation- Rs. 1,000/-


How approval of SPICe+ forms is communicated?

The MCA communicates the user and applicant about the approval of SPICe+ forms through an electronic mail.

The MCA sends the incorporation certificate along with other details such DIN, PAN and TAN in such electronic mail.



The applicant must observe and follow these key points while applying for Company incorporation in order to avoid mistakes. As discussed, SPICe+ forms can be resubmitted only for 2 times after that forms will get rejected. Thus, forms shall be filled with utmost care and always check forms twice before generating them in pdf.

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