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    Employee’s State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) Compliances

    The ESIC scheme is a compulsory contributory fund aimed at assisting along with retirement benefits to the employee against financial crisis arising out in case of sickness, disablement due to employment injuries or death, etc. Under this scheme, an amount equal to 4% of the salary of employees is contributed towards the scheme. Out of which employee contributes 0.75% out of his/her salary and an employer contributes the remaining 3.25%.

    At the time of contingency, assistance (cash or non-cash) is provided to the employee insured on behalf of ESIC. ESIC requires numerous Compliances which are prescribed under ESI Act, 1948. These are compulsory compliances that need to be complied timely as per the applicable “ESIC Provisions”. If an organization fails to comply with the applicable provisions, penalties and fines shall be charged against the organization.

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    Applicability of Returns

    Forms Filled by Employer

    File FORM 01
    • Employers Registration Form
    • Within 15 days
    File FORM 3
    • Return of Declaration Forms
    • Monthly Return
    File FORM 5
    • Return of Contributions
    • Half Yearly Return
    File FORM 6
    • Register of Employees
    • Initially Generated at the time of Registration
    • Update through the Portal anytime.
    File FORM 11
    • Accident Register
    • Enter Personal Injury to an IP
    File FORM 12
    • Accident Report
    • Submit within 24 hours of Casualty

    Forms Filed by Employee

    File FORM 1
    • Declaration Form
    • Within 10 days
    File FORM 1A
    • Family Declaration Form
    • Within 15 days
    File FORM 9
    • Sickness, T.D.B. & Maternity Benefit
    • Submit without delay to Branch Office
    File FORM 14
    • Permanent Disablement Benefit
    • Declared as permanently Disable
    File FORM 15
    • Dependent Benefit
    • Certified by Gazetted officer
    File FORM 20
    • Maternity Benefit after the death of IP
    • Submit Certificate in Form 24-B
    • Within 30 days of IP’s death.
    File FORM 22
    • Funeral Expenses
    • Nominee or eldest member can claim
    File FORM 72
    • Duplicate ESIC Smart Card
    • Applied when Card is lost or Defaced

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    Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

    Briefly explain the concept of ESIC?

    ESIC is a statutory body set up under the Employee’s State Insurance Act, 1948. ESIC is a compulsory contributory fund aimed at assisting along with retirement benefits to the employees’ against financial crisis. Under ESIC, an amount equal to 4% of the salary of employees is contributed towards the scheme. Click here to read more.

    Who is eligible for Registering into ESI Scheme?
    • More than 10 employees’ employed in Non-Seasonal Factory.
    • Establishments where more than 20 employees’ are employed
    • Monthly income does not exceeds 21000.

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    What are the documents required for Registration of ESIC?
    • Registration Certificate obtained under the Shops and Establishment Act or Factories Act.
    • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation / Partnership deed / Copy of Society Registration Certificate.
    • MOA & AOA / Copy of rules & objects.
    • Employees details for allotment of IP Number
    • PAN Card
    • Identity proof
    • Registered office address proof
    • Cross cancelled cheque

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    What is the process for Registration of ESIC?
    • Employers’ Registration
      • Create User ID & Password
      • Enter basic details
    • ESIC Registration
      • Fill the mandatory details
    • Generate IP Number
    • Pay initial Contribution
    • Allotment of Registration Certificate

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    How can employees’ claim ESI Benefits?

    Employee can claim 2 types of benefits as a beneficiary of ESIC Scheme-

    • Cash benefits
    • Medical benefits

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    What is ESIC form 1?

    ESIC Form 1 is also known as ESIC declaration form, which is issued by employer to the employees’ during their joining. The Form is submitted to the nearest ESIC office by the employer. It is filled by Insured Person (IP) i.e. Employee.

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