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ESI registration is mandatory for companies with more than 10 employees’ (20 employees’ in some cases) & having maximum salary up to Rs. 21000 per month (Rs. 25000 in case of disability of employee). In order to register online i.e. ESIC Online Registration, firstly an account is required to create in ESIC Portal. In this blog ESIC Registration Process – Documents are discussed.


Briefly explain the concept of ESIC?

The ESI scheme is managed and administrated by the Employee’s State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), a statutory body set up under the Employee’s State Insurance Act, 1948.  ESIC full form is  Employee’s State Insurance Corporation. It is governed by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India. This scheme is a compulsory contributory fund aimed at assisting along with retirement benefits to the employee against financial crisis. Under this scheme, an amount equal to 4% of the salary of employees is contributed towards the scheme.


Who is eligible for Registering into ESI Scheme?

Section 2 (12) of the ESI Act, 1948 prescribes the eligibility for registering into EPF Scheme i.e. ESIC Registration details are –

  • Any individual working in the non-seasonal factory with more than 10 employees’.
  • Employees’ working in entities such as hotels and restaurants, Newspaper establishments, Road-motor transport undertakings, Cinemas or theatres and Private Educational and Medical institutions in which more than 20 employees are employed.
  • Monthly income of the employee (excluding overtime, bonus, leave encashment) does not exceeds 21, 000 per month and if the employee is disable, then the wage limit is Rs. 25,000 per month.
  • To avail the benefits of social security of the ESI scheme, employees should drawn wages up to 10,000 per month.


What are the documents required for Registration of ESIC?

Following are the documents required for ESIC Registration process and ESIC Registration details –

  • Registration Certificate acquired under the Shops and Establishment Act or Factories Act.
  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation (If the establishment is LLP or company)
  • Partnership deed (if the establishment is a partnership firm)
  • Copy of Society Registration Certificate (if the establishment is society, trust)
  • MOA & AOA (if the establishment is a private or public company)
  • Copy of rules & objects (if the establishment is society, trust)
  • Details of employees for allotment of Insured Person (IP) Number
  • PAN Card Details of Business Entity & of all employees’
  • Identity proof such as driving license or passport or voter-id.
  • Address evidence of registered office such as electricity bill or rent agreement (if premise is rented) or registry (if owned premise)
  • Cross cancelled cheque

What is the ESIC Registration Process?

ESIC Registration is completely online. All the documents are uploaded online. No physical documents are required. The step-by-step process for ESIC online Registration is as follows-

1. Visit ESIC Portal and click on ESIC employer Login.


employer Login


2. After clicking on ESIC employer Login, click on Sign up



click on Sign up

3. Enter your Company Name, Principal Employer Name, State, Regions, Email (for username), Phone Number.

4. Confirm your establishment or factory under Exclusive Labor Contractor or Man Power Suppliers, Security Agencies, Contractors Supplying Labor categories by clicking on the checkbox.

5. Click on submit, an Email will be sent to with login details.

6. Visit ESIC Portal again, enter Username & Password received through the mail, and click on Login.


User Name


7. Click on New Employer Registration, and select the type of Unit and Submit.

✔ Fill all the mandatory details of the employer such as-

    • Establishment details
    • Contact details
    • Employment details
    • Particulars of workers
    • Branch or Division
    • Activities
    • Attachments (above mentioned documents are attached here)

8. Click on ‘Save’ button after filling mandatory details.


Assistance for registration


9. After saving the mandatory details, click on Employee Declaration Form.

10. Select ‘Yes’ If Insured Person (IP) is already registered and enter IP number & date of joining and click on

11. Select ‘No’ if IP is not registered, & Generate IP Number.


Generation of IP number


12. Once details are duly filled, select the respective ESI branch office and the inspection division on the new page.

13. Click on the checkbox to declare that the information provided is accurate, and Submit.

14. It will redirect to a new page, Click on Pay Initial Contribution and It will provide a Challan Number for future reference.

15. Click Continue for payment through the required payment Gateway.

16. Allotment of Registration Certificate with a 17 digit registration number by ESIC department.

After completing the payment, system generated ESI Registration letter known as C-11 will be received to the registered email ID which will act as the proof of registration of the company with the ESIC.

Note- Registration can also be done through EPFO Portal, by selecting the option of Establishment Registration which will lead to open the login page of Shram Suvidha Portal. EPFO has created “Common Registration for EPF & ESI, under which the establishment can get both EPF code & ESI code number by filing the single application.

Click here for details relating to ESIC Registration Process through EPFO Portal.


How can employees’ claim ESI Benefits?

Employee can claim two type of benefits as a beneficiary of ESIC Scheme-

  • Cash benefits- Employees’ or workers under ESIC Scheme can avail cash benefits in case of financial crisis arising out in case of sickness, disablement (temporary or permanent) due to employment, maternity, injury, funeral cost at the time of death and physical rehabilitation.
  • Medical benefits- Employees’ or workers and their dependants can avail medical care. To avail these benefits ESIC has tied with several hospitals across the country. Visit the ESIC Portal which is having complete list of ESI tie-up hospitals.


Which form is required to be filed for ESIC Registration?

Organizations covered under ESIC have to inform about the new employees’ joined who are eligible for ESIC Services by uploading Employer’s Registration Form (Form No. 1) on the ESIC website along with the above mentioned documents. The form can be downloaded online through the ESIC website.


What is ESIC form 1?

ESIC declaration form, also known as ESIC Form 1, is issued by employer to the employees’ during their joining. ESIC Form is to be submitted to the nearest ESIC office by the employer. This form is filled by Insured Person (IP) i.e. Employee.


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