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    Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) Compliances

    This scheme is a compulsory contributory fund aimed at providing social security and retirement benefits to the employee. Employee contributes 12% (10% in certain cases) of the salary towards the scheme and an equal contribution is made by the employer. In the case of female employee, contribution rate from both employees and the employer is 8%.

    EPF requires numerous Compliances which are prescribed under EPF Act. These are compulsory compliances that need to be complied timely as per the applicable “EPF Provisions”. If an organization fails to comply with the applicable provisions, penalties and fines shall be charged against the organization.

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    Applicability of Returns

    File FORM 9
    • Only once at the time of initial coverage
    • Within 15 days of commencement
    • Details of Employees
    File FORM 5
    • Before 25th of next month
    • Details of new enrolled employees
    File FORM 10
    • Before 15th of next month
    • Details of employees leaving service
    File FORM 12A
    • Before 15th of next month
    • Total number of employees under EPF.
    • Triplicate Challan
    File FORM 3A
    • Annual return filed by 30th April
    • Month-wise contribution made by employee and employer
    File FORM 6A
    • Annual return filed by 30th April
    • Consolidated Annual Contribution
    File FORM 2
    • Filed by employee at the time of joining
    • Nomination & Declaration under EPF Scheme
    File FORM 31
    • Partial withdrawal of Funds
    • Withdrawal only in specific situations
    File FORM 19
    • Claim final settlement of old EPF account
    • Applicable to employees not having UAN
    File FORM 15G / FORM 15H
    • Filled to save Tax
    • For Senior citizens – FORM 15H

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    Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

    Briefly explain the concept of EPF?

    Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) is a saving scheme introduced by the EPFO under the direction of the Government of India. This Scheme encourages the practice of saving money to build a substantial retirement benefits.

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    What is the eligibility for Registering into EPF Scheme?
    • Every factory engaged in industry which is specified in Schedule 1 and 20 or more persons are employed.
    • Organizations employing 20 or more persons or class of such organizations which are notified by the Central Government.
    • Organizations which are notified by the Central Government even if employing less than 20.
    • Employee’s Salary must be less than Rs 15000.

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    What are the documents required for EPF Registration?
    • PAN Card
    • Identity proof
    • Address Proof of registered
    • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation / Partnership deed / Society Registration Certificate
    • MOA & AOA / Copy of rules & objects
    • Salary details of employees’
    • Balance sheet
    • Cancelled cheque
    • Details of employees for Universal Account Number (UAN) allotment.
      • Aadhar card
      • PAN Card
      • Details of Bank account
      • Contact number & Email Id
      • Date of Birth
      • Designation of employees’

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    What is the process of EPF Registration?
    • Employers’ Registration
      • Create User ID & Password
      • Enter basic details
    • EPF Registration
      • Fill the mandatory details
    • Obtain DSC

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    What is EPF Form 5?

    EPF Form 5 is filed every month by an employer, by mentioning the details of new employees’ employed (last month) & who are eligible for EPF services. Click here to read more in detail.

    When Form 5 is filled?

    EPF Form 5 is to be filled by the employer before 15th of every month mentioning all the eligible details of new joining in the organization during previous month. Click here to read more.

    Is it mandatory to file Form 5 every month?

    Yes, it is mandatory to file EPF Form 5 for every organization who are eligible and covered under EPFO every month. Click here to read more.