E-Way Bill Generation Rises 11.5% for Week Ended 23 January, 2022


Daily e-way bill generation for goods transportation under GST regime has reflected 11.5% increase, as it has been recorded at 23.52 lakh per day for the week-ended on 23rd January, 2022, as compared with 21.1 lakh/day in the previous week. E-way bill generations stood at 4.96 crore in the first 23 days of January with a daily average of 21.57 lakh.

Earlier, it had reflected an increase, as it has been recorded at 22.85 lakh for the week-ended on 19th December, 2021. E-way bill generation was 7.16 crore for December, the second-highest monthly data since it was rolled out on 1st April, 2018.

While, the daily e-way generation was down 14% in November as compared with October. It came in at 6.12 crore for November, the lowest in five months, reflecting moderation in goods dispatches post-festivities.

Further, October e-way bills were recorded at 7.35 crore, the highest monthly data since the indirect tax regime was rolled out in July 2017, reflecting an upswing in economic activities in the festival season and improved compliance.

E-way bill generation by businesses rose to 6.79 crore for September from 6.59 crore in August, 6.42 crore in July and 5.47 crore in June. Higher e-way bills generation is reflected in higher GST revenues. GST collections came in at Rs 1,30,127 crore in November 2021, the second-highest mop-up in the history of the comprehensive indirect tax that was launched in 2017.


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