E-Way Bill Generation Moderates During November

Daily e-way bill generation for goods transportation under GST regime has reflected a moderation after festivities, as it has been recorded at 19.9 lakh for the first 28 days of November, which is 12% lower than the daily average for the first 24 days of October.

It had been recorded at 18.8 lakh for the first 21 days of November, reflecting decrease of demand after festival season, as it was 17% lower than the daily average for the first 24 days of October.

Further, between 1st and 28th November, as many as 5.58 crore e-way bills were generated. However, the daily average for the week ended 28th November was 23.29 lakh. The daily average for the first 24 days of October was 22.68 lakh.

Earlier, e-way bills stood at a record 7.35 crore for October, the highest monthly data since the indirect tax regime was rolled out, reflecting an upswing in economic activities during the festival season and improved compliance.
Higher e-way bill generation is reflected in higher GST revenue. Gross GST collections in November is recorded at Rs 1,31,526 crore, the second highest mop-up since the comprehensive indirect tax launched in July 2017.

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Gross GST Revenue Collection Recorded at Rs 1,31,526 Crore in November

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