E-commerce Firms Seeks Clarity on New Lockdown Norms


E-commerce firms are negotiating over conflicting regulations as state governments announce a series of measures against Covid-19 growing cases.

The move comes day after the Maharashtra government restricted e-commerce platforms from selling any non-essential goods in the state until 1st May. While Haryana has permitted e-commerce supplies of essential items during the night curfew hours.

As per the top executives at e-commerce firms, there is lack of clarity on ‘essential goods and services’, leaving them open to interpretation by field-level enforcement authorities or police. E-commerce executives are engaging with top government officials in Maharashtra and Haryana trying to explain the implications of their orders, seeking for a reversal.

Further, representatives from top firms has requested the Central Government to intervene and prevent states from curbing the e-commerce platforms, according to multiple people present. Industry associations FICCI, CII and Nasscom are also expected to send a note presenting the industry’s view to the DPIIT.

However, a senior government official told that the Centre will take up the issue of supply of non-essentials by e-commerce if industry highlights the issue.



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