Conversion of LLP into Private Limited Company

Conversion of LLP into Private Limited Company

LLPs are converting into Private Limited in order to get better opportunities for business growth and expansion.


Limited Liability Partnership

LLP is governed under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. It is a mixed structure of Partnership Firm and Private Limited Company as it is a kind of Partnership firm having Limited liability of Partners and separate legal entity of LLP.

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Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company is a form of business structure. Private Limited is an artificial person having its own common seal. Its members have limited liability that is they are liable up to the shares held by them.

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Similarities between LLP and Private Limited Company

 Separate Legal Entity

Both are Separate Legal Entity


Tax Benefits

Both of the businesses can get Tax Benefits

Limited Liability

The liability of members of both companies is liability. Thus, they shall be liable only to the extent of shares held by them

Registration with MCA

Both are required to be registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs


Comparison between LLP and Private Limited Company






Private Limited Company


Applicable Law LLP Act, 2008 Companies Act, 2013
Minimum Share Capital N/A No requirement
Minimum Authorized Share Capital N/A 1 Lakh
Members Minimum – 2
Maximum – No limit
Minimum – 2
Maximum – 200
Directors Minimum – 2 Designated Partners
Maximum – N/A
Minimum – 2
Maximum – 15
Board Meetings N/A Minimum 4 every year
Transferability of Shares Shares can be transferred only through contract Shares can be easily transferred
Name Must end with LLP Must end with Private Limited


Conversion of LLP into Private Limited

Conversion of LLP into Private Limited Company is a process by which an LLP is converted into Private Limited in order to avail the benefits of private limited and for better opportunities of growth & expansion.

Conversion of LLP into Private Limited Company is governed under the Companies Act, 2013.


Pre-Requisites for Conversion

  1. According to the Companies (Authorized to Register) Amendment Rules, 2018, there must be at least two partners in LLP who shall become the member of Private Limited after the conversion.
  2. LLP must be registered with MCA.


Benefits of Conversion of LLP into Private Limited

  1. Preserve the Brand Value of LLP

If LLP wants to expand its business in Private Limited Company then by converting it into Private Limited, it can preserve the brand value of the LLP without making any extra efforts on brand.

  1. Carry Forward the Unabsorbed Losses & Depreciation

When the LLP is converted into Private Limited then LLP can carry forward its unabsorbed losses & depreciation on the converted business structure.

  1. External Fund

It is comparatively easy for Private Limited Company to raise external funds as investors trusts Private Limited more.

  1. High Turnovers

Private Limited Company is mainly considered ideal for those kinds of businesses who have high turnovers and the businesses which require more external funds to achieve goals.

Mandatory Documents required for Conversion of LLP into Private Limited

  1. Proposed Shareholders and Directors
  • PAN Card
  • ID Proof – Driving License/ Passport/ Voter ID Card
  • Latest Passport Size photographs
  • Address Proof – Bank Statement (not older than 2 months)


       2. LLP

  • LLP Deed
  • Copy of latest Income Tax Return
  • Copy of latest audited Financial Statements
  • Copy of Registered Address Proof (of the Proposed Company)


Process : Conversion of LLP into Private Limited Company

  1. Publish Advertisement in Newspaper – Form URC-2
    • The first step for conversion of LLP into Private Limited is to publish an advertisement in 2 newspapers in notice form about the Conversion under the Companies Act, 2013.
    • It must be published in Form URC-2 given on MCA portal.
    • The main object of publishing this advertisement is to inform the general public about the conversion so that any person having objection can raise objections thereon within 21 days from the date of advertisement publication.

      2.Obtain DSC & DIN

    •    The next step is to obtain Digital Signature Certificate & Director Identification Number if the proposed directors and shareholders do not have DSC or DIN.

      3.Name Approval

    • The next step to convert LLP into Private Limited is to get the Name Approval of proposed Private Limited. For Name Approval, LLP is required to submit Name Approval form ‘Reserve Unique Name (RUN)’ with Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
    • When the name is approved then the LLP has 20 days to complete the further process as the name is available for use for 20 days only. It is 60 days period in case of change of name of existing company.

      4.File Form URC-1

    • Thereafter, the applicant is required to file the Form URC-1for conversion of LLP into Private Limited Company with the Registrar of Companies. The applicant shall be careful while filling the form that is all the details including name, address, shares held by proposed shareholders are correctly filled. The applicant shall also ensure that all the required documents are attached therewith.


Following is the list of documents to be attached with URC-1

  1. Consent to act and not disqualified to act as director
  2. No objection certificate from all the creditors of LLP
  3. Duly Certified Statement of accounts (not older than 6 days preceding the application of conversion)
  4. Copy of LLP Agreement
  5. Certificate of Registration of LLP
  6. Copy of Newspaper Advertisement
  7. List of details of all the proposed Members (Names, addresses, shares to be held by them and so on)
  8. List of proposed first directors of the Company along with their details (Names, address, DIN and other required details)


       5.MOA & AOA

    • When the applicant has received sanction of form URC-1 from the ROC then the applicant has to draft MOA & AOA of the proposed company. Thereafter, the applicant has to submit the MOA & AOA with the MCA.


      6.Certificate of Incorporation – INC-11

    • Lastly, the ROC shall scrutinize and examine all the submitted documents and if it is satisfied with all the documents then it shall issue the certificate of Incorporation of Private Limited Company in Form INC 11.



Conclusively, the major reason for converting LLP into Private Limited Company is raising external funds and the expansion of business.


Seek Assitance with Conversion of LLP into Private Limited
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