Can a person file his ITR without help from a CA?

ITR File Without Help From a CA

Yes, if a person wants to file his ITR without the help of CA, he can file the same, as there is no compulsion in Income tax Act, 1961 that assistance of CA is necessarily required for filing an ITR.

However, filing ITR without consulting CA is equivalent to taking medicines for illness without the help of Doctor.

Professional work should be always done under the guidance of professionals. Wrong filing of ITR may lead you in problem like there would be high chances of filing defective return, claiming wrong deduction, not taking proper exemption etc. Moreover, a CA knows best how to save taxes legally, best ways to make investments. So, it is always better to take help for professionals. If you are looking for Professional’s help for filing ITR forms accurately then Manthan Experts is the right place for you.

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