Banks Closed Up to 10 Days in April 2021

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In the first two days of the month of April 2021, banks in India will remain closed due to closing of accounts on 1st April and Good Friday on 2nd April.

Further, banks in India will remain closed for over 10 days in April 2021, including weekends and festivals. However, apart from these 10 holidays, there are five more state-specific and region-specific holidays.

According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), only gazetted holidays are observed by banks all over the country. While planning bank-related work, people are advised to check the holiday date in their respective states.

The list of holidays given below has been notified by RBI under the Negotiable Instruments Act in April 2021

1st April 2021- To enable banks to close their yearly accounts

2nd April 2021- Good Friday

4th April 2021- Weekly off (Sunday)

10th April 2021- Second Saturday

11th April 2021- Weekly off (Sunday)

14th April 2021- Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti/Tamil New Year’s Day/Vishu/Biju

Festival/Cheiraoba/Bohag Bihu

18th April 2021- Weekly off (Sunday)

21st April 2021- Shree Ram Navmi (Chaite Dashain)/Garia Puja

24th April 2021- Fourth Saturday

25th April 2021- Weekly off (Sunday)


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