6.6 Million Professionals Lost Their Jobs Due to Covid-19

An estimated 6.6 million white-collar professionals, such as Engineers, Physicians, Teachers, and Accountants, etc.

6.6 Million People Lost Jobs

6.6 Million People Lost Job, Who are professionally qualified and employed somewhere have lost their jobs between May and August. Self-employed professionals not Included in this.

CMIE’s Consumer Pyramids Household Survey released every four months. Its number shows the biggest loss of jobs among salaried employees during May and August. This mainly includes white-collar professionals.

Four – Year Record White-Collar Professional Jobs
Jan-Apr 2016 12.5 Million
May-Aug 2019 18.8 Million
Sep-Dec 2019 18.7 Million
Jan–Apr 2020 18.21 Million
May–Aug 2020 12.2 Million

From a peak of 18.8 million white-collar workers employed in the country during May-August 2019, their employment fell down to 12.2 million in the May-August 2020.

This the lowest employment of these professionals since 2016. During the lockdown, the gains made over the last four years also washed out. According to CMIE, the next biggest loss was among industrial workers. Around five million industrial workers were out of work during the period.

This translates into a 26% fall in employment among industrial workers over a year.

The decline in the employment of industrial workers is likely to be largely in smaller industrial units. This reflects the distress in the medium, small, and micro industrial units in recent times.

However, the lockdown did not impact white-collar clerical employees which largely includes desk work employees, secretaries, office clerk, BPO/KPO workers, data entry operators, etc.

Possibly their work shifted to work from home mode.

Source: 6.6 mn white-collar professional jobs lost during May-August: CMIE

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