Due to a technical update necessary by Office of CCA, 3 year validity DSC certificates will be temporarily effected from 05 th March 2021.+


What will be the impact?


Starting this date (05th March 2021), all the new downloads of 3 year validity DSC will have an expiry date set to 04-Mar-2024. By this, it would be a few days lesser than full 3 years.

For example, if the customer downloads a 3 year DSC on 10-Mar-2021, the DSC expiry date will be 04-Mar-2024. That means, instead of 1095 days validity, it will be 1089 days validity.

Till when this effect will be there?


The impact is due to expiry of existing CCA Root Certificate within 3 years. As per the latest information available, it will take a few months from now to have a new Root Certificate, and then enable full 3 year validity.


What is suggested to new DSC applicants?


For new DSC requests for 3 years, it is the duty of the DSC providers to inform the customer on this marginally lesser duration they would receive on the DSC validity. While it is not a significant impact to use the DSC until its expiry, the customer can also opt for lesser validity (like: 2 years).

Note that, systems will continue to allow getting 3 year validity DSC with aforesaid expiry date.


What will happen to DSP Stock?


There will be no impact on DSP Stock. If your customers are opting for 3 year DSC, it will consume your available 3 year stock. However, you can also use the same unutilized stock for full 3 year validity, once CCA Office updates with new root certificate (expected in a few months).


** Please note, this is a temporary impact and an earliest update from Office of CCA is expected.

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